Regd. NGO (Reg.No. S/39030)
Swashrit Initiatives
Substance Abuse Prevention
360 Degree Child Development
Employee Wellness
NACO Project
Health Camp
Mental Health Camp
Time Management Workshop
SS Mota Singh
Bonds of Togetherness
Project Savera
Career Awareness Workshop
Creativity Enhancement Workshop
English Skill Enhancement Workshop
Healthy Competitive Spirit Workshop
Nutrition Talk - Parents
Nutrition Talk - Students
Nutrition Talk - Teachers
Understanding Concerns of Students and Teachers
Calligraphy Workshop
Other Initiatives
Dalmia Group - Growing up right
Pepsico - Get Active
MFF - My Fruit Funda Module
R.R. Oomerbhoy Pvt. Ltd. - Health and Nutrition
Super Religare Laboratories - Flu Proof Your Child
Deutsche Bank- 5000 Popcorns
PCRA Projects
Dr Manisha - Physical Health Camp
Medtronic - Workshop
Tathaastu - Workshop
Power Grid - Workshop
Delhi 6 Gurudwara Management Committee - Career Counselling Camp
Dunhumby - Relaxation Techniques Workshop
RBS - Resilience Management Workshop
IIT Roorkee - Counseling Camp
Hero motorcorp - Living in Balance Workshop
Income tax dept of India - lifestyle Management Workshop
Guduwara singh sabha - Mental health counselling camp
Hero Motor Corp - HR training
CS Institute - Corporate training
Power GridWellness Training
IMI - Conference
Ullhas foundation - Ekyuk Project