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I have had the opportunity to celebrate Valentine's Day with the kids of Swashrit for the past two years. And I consider myself fortunate for the same. Interacting with these kids is always an exhilarating experience because one gets to learn so much. I look forward to more such experiences…


Mrs Noor Popli (Volunteer, Bonds of Togetherness):


I organised a baking and cake decoration session as part of the Bonds of Togetherness initiative for the children of Swashrit. Seeing the excitement and enthusiasm among the kids made my heart fill with joy. I encourage everyone to come forward and interact with these kids in any manner as the happiness one derives from their happy faces is unparalleled…


Mrs Alka Suneja (Volunteer, Bonds of Togetherness)


Being a part of Swashrit's Annual Cricket Match and watching the kids play with so much excitement and fervour was a gratifying experience for me. I hope I get the opportunity to be a part of many more such events organised by the Swashrit Society…


Mr Deepak Arora (Sponsor, Annual Cricket Match)


Deutsche Bank has had an amazing journey with Swashrit Society for the past 6 years and we really like the way you guys work. We hope to continue with our association with your NGO that is touching the lives of so many students who are the future of our country.


Mr Amit (Volunteer, Employee of Deutsche Bank)


I have been teaching these kids for a long time and I can say that my association with Swashrit has been hugely successful. My proudest moment would be that a student of mine has become a teacher today. What could be more rewarding than knowing that you have affected at least a life of one person? And Swashrit is a platform where I can influence the life of so many young students.


Mrs Snehlata (Teacher, Swashrit Society Centre at Ranjeet Nagar)


I have been associated with Swashrit for over a decade now and I can say that it has been the most fruitful and satisfying journey of my life. Each day after classes I derive satisfaction and happiness that whatever work that I am doing would give these students a better future.


Mrs Sangeeta (Teacher, Swashrit Society Centre at Bapa Nagar)


It was pleasure for us to have a series of awareness talks on ‘Health and Good Living’ for our employees. The talks were highly interactive and demonstrative.
It was a not to forget incredible learning experience. The impressive coordination and team work further added on to the whole experience. We would definitely like to work on such rewarding projects again.


Ranbaxy India


It was a pleasure to have one of the premier trainings for the young Chartered Accountants. The trainings carried out included modules on Personality Development, Emotional Intelligence and Work-life Balance. The training gave them a fresh new outlook towards life and infused positivity and better coping skills for personal and professional growth. Teams of bureaucrats were also trained to learn effective ways of handling stress.


NIFM, Faridabad

  “Joining Get Active club was an excellent decision made by me. It empowered in us the energy to stay fit and healthy all our life.”

Lorreto Convent, New Delhi

  “Get Active has been very beneficial for us because it has told us the diet which consists of the right amount of nutrition in all food groups. It has made us play some enjoyable Indian games such as Kho-Kho, Kabaddi etc. earlier I used to have a lot of high fat food but after this program have reduced its intake and started taking more of healthy food. I enjoyed these activities very much and learnt that we should not just sit around and laze. We should engage ourselves in some energetic activities instead. I also learnt that we should have a proper diet. The activity in which we made the food pyramid has been my favorite.”
Delhi Public School, Noida

 “Get Active helped us to learn something new besides our regular studies. It helped us to become independent and more aware. It also taught us good values like manners, respect to elders, what friendship and sharing is. We also learnt how to prepare some simple food items without the help of elders. Get Active helped each one of us to improve our behavior and become good and confident children. Our parents are also pleased with this change in us.”

Bombay Cambridge, Mumbai
  “I have become aware of what to eat and what is beneficial for me. I have started practicing Yoga”.

“I eat more leafy vegetables now, and have reduced high fat foods in my diet”.

“I have started eating dry fruits such as almonds, raisins and walnuts. Water levels have risen from 5 glasses per day to 10 glasses per day”.

”it has inspired me to work towards a fit lifestlye. I have begun to take exercise seriously”.
Children’s Academy, Mumbai
  “Get Active Pyramid module created awareness among children how to modify their wrong food eating habits and incultivate good healthy lifestyle’.
Moti Ram Arya Sr Sec School , Panchkula
  “ It was a nice activity based program which involved the parents also and it brought awareness about diet and exercise ‘.
Coordinator, Carmel Convent, Chandigarh
  “I liked GetActive Programme as it gave us very important information in a very simple and attractive way.”
S.P.M. English Medium School, Pune
  “Get Active should reach to every student. These kind of programme should be carried out in schools every year for all students, as living healthy is the most important thing than any other thing"
Millenium National School, Pune
  “We will try to make arrangements so our students will follow a healthy eating pattern and this programme will definitely be a guide for us”
  Teacher ALC
Kline Memorial School, Pune
  “This kind of activity is very important for students as they get knowledge through fun and so they keep it in mind forever.”
Mickey’s High School, Pune
  Everything about having a child is special. Children give so much joy. I’ve learnt so much from my daughter. A child takes away all your worries and tensions. It’s fun to see a child growing up, passing from one phase to another.
  Noyonika Chatterjee
Choreographer and Model
  "For the Swashrit children education is more than just a path to a better job. It is something that they consider to be fundamentally important to becoming a complete human being capable of independently existing within the frameworks of society rather than at its margins."
  Elizabeth Towle
Researcher and Volunteer, Harvard University a (USA)
  “Through Growing up Right  workshops we have come to know how to deal with student’s problems. Consciously or unconsciously we were implementing the techniques on our students but now we know the systematic way of implementing it”
Coordinator, Dev Samaj School
  “We were happy to be a part of these workshops. We have learnt how to cope up with stress, how to improve relationship with my peers, how to prepare schedule before exams, learnt various techniques to study like SQ3R and understood our personality through TEA system.”
Dev Samaj School

“It was a nice activity based program which involved the parents also and it brought awareness about diet and exercise.”

Springdales School
  “Growing Up Right should reach to every student. These kinds of programs should be carried out in schools every year for all students, as living healthy is the most important thing than any other thing"
Indraprastha World School, Pachim Vihar

“Growing up right has spread awareness about various behavioral problems and also taught us various ways how to deal with it”

Coordinator, Lady Irwin School