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  Success Stories
  13 year old Mohini Maurya was born in Karol Bagh slums of Delhi. Her dream was to become a doctor . However, her economic conditions at home did not support her dreams. The Shaila Barmi Chattra Vikas Scholarship gave her an opportunity to pursue her passion and make her dreams come true .

Today Mohini is studying in the 6th standard and is receiving her basic education without incurring any extra burden on her family's already strained economic conditions at home.
Mahesh was given a second chance…

17-years-old Mahesh was born in the Karol Bagh slums of Delhi. His mental development was slow and he was unable to grasp the concepts of primary education in his formative years of growth. As a result, he was not able to attend a public school. Irregular income at home is also a problem for Mahesh’s family. Between 3 brothers, 2 sisters and their parents, the family earns an average of only 2400-3000 rupees per month. This has also prevented Mahesh from studying.

Today, Swashrit is providing Mahesh with basic education. He is presently studying in third class and is performing reasonably well. He is happy that he has been able to receive an education without incurring any extra burden on his family’s already strained finances at home.


Kajal is going to school despite the odds…


6-years-old Kajal was also born in the slums of Karol Bagh in Delhi. She lives there with her parents, younger brother, grandmother, aunt, uncle and cousins where they share a small cement house.

Unfortunately, Kajal has grown up with an abusive father who doesn’t contribute to household expenses. He physically and mentally terrorizes his wife and does not allow her to go out for work. The family relies on Kajal’s loving aunt and uncle to survive, but their income is very little. Altogether, they earn about 1700 Rupees a month. Her mother wants to give her children an education to secure their brighter future.

Fortunately, Swashrit has been able to provide Kajal with basic education. Today, Kajal is studying in second class. 

  Swashrit’s literacy centres  

Swashrit’s literacy centres are run in Delhi. Besides the basic education they are also trained for various activities like sports, drawing, dancing etc. Swashrit aims to empower every member and to bring happiness and success into their lives.

In the same light here are few of stories to share

  • Picnic to Akshardham:  On Children’s Day, 14th Nov’09, Swashrit children were taken for a full day picnic to Akshardham the endeavour was supported by director of Duetche Bank. The trip was very informative, full of fun and encouraging. Colors and  drawing sheets were gifted to them.
  • Competitions: Regular drawing competitions are conducted at swashrit literacy centre to encourage students and to arouse their artistic skills. The students were taken to IMI in Oct 2009 twice, once for drawing competition and second time for dance and yoga.  The drawings and dances of children were highly praised.
  • English learning: Students from Amity (in April 2009), IMI, Bhartia vidhyapeeth and various other institutes have visited swashrit literacy centres to teach English to the children. These types of classes are very helpful and interactive for the students.
  • Eye treatment: A student suffering from cataract was also aided for treatment so as to improve his life and for betterment of his future.
  • Hostel Admission: Swashrit two employees who unfortunately lost their spouses and were unable to provide basic needs to their children. Both the children were helped with admission to Arya Anathalaya Daryaganj.

Names and details of the children are as below:

  1.       Master. Sujal Chatri , 4 years: s/o Mrs, Monika Chatri ( widow)
  2.       Master. Pankaj Rai, 5 ½ years:  s/o Mrs. Neha Rai (widow)

Today both the families are happy to see their children able to lead good and meaningful life.

  • Formal schools admission: Many students are admitted to various government schools in Bapa Nagar, like Pyare Lal School and R.K Rangwala school for their higher studies. To name a few are:
  • Zenith 9 years 2nd class Anand puri school
  • Sufian 7 years 2nd class Pyare lal school
  • Sahil 5 years 1st class Pyare lal school
  • Babu 10 years 4th class R.R Rangwala school
  • Raja 12 years 5th class R.R Rangwala school
  • Ragini1 2 years 3rd classPyare lal school
  • Bhawna 12 years 3rd classPyare lal school
  • Nisha 12 years 5th classR.R Rangwala school
  • Priyanka 8 years 2nd classR.R Rangwala school
  • Joshna 5 years 1st class Pyare lal school

  • Medical aid: Neha an employee of Swashrit, she has lost her husband in a distant village, was ill and was not able to afford medical treatment, Swashrit has supported her for medical facilities like hospital charges,medicines and other needs. By that help she was able to recover fast and lead a healthy life.

  •  Light up lives: Many students were benefited from swashrit literacy centre. A student Sanjay was associated with swashrit for some time, who used to do some surveys for swashrit. From where he could get some help to support his family. Finally he did A.C repair course with the aid of swashrit.  Now he is happily married and settled. Also he is having his own AC repair shop in partnership.

  • Golden triumph: Swashrit biggest achievement was when Vijay a boy from slum who was a member of swashrit. With the support of swashrit he was selected for the government job, and today he is leading a well settled and meaningful life. He is able to support his family in every aspect.