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Summer Depression
Many of us can hardly wait for summer to arrive, but a small number of people are much happier when it’s over. As hot weather approaches, Spring and summer seasonal affective disorder (summer depression) includes Anxiety, Trouble sleeping (insomnia), Irritability, Agitation, Weight Loss, Poor Appetite, Increased Sex Drive etc. The particular stresses of summer can pile up and make them feel miserable. Summer SAD also include symptoms of Summer Depression like strong feelings of guilt and feeling of hopelessness. People with this type of seasonal depression also could experience physical symptoms such as headaches. In its most severe form, people with summer seasonal depression may be more at risk for suicide. Suicide is more of a concern when people are depressed and agitated rather than depressed and lethargic. Some studies have also shown that in countries near the equator – such as India – summer SAD is more common than winter SAD. The longer days, and increasing heat and humidity may play a major role in summer depression. Some affective ways to deal with summer depression includes a cold shower, air conditioning, swimming in cold lakes or heading North would relieve symptoms. Another important and beneficial way in treating Summer Depression is Counseling, which can help people to recognize early when their negative thoughts are starting to affect their ability to cope with themselves.

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