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Growing up Right

Growing up Right is a project between Swashrit and Dalmia Manav Seva Trust which aims at enabling the students, the teachers and parents to instill harmonized maturity and development (physical, nutritional, educational and psychological) in children and adolescents of today.




In this day and age of fast growing technology and development, the child needs to be equipped with information so as to be able to meet the demands of the world today, but at the same time not compromising on his or her health.
Our mission is to fill in this great gap for guidance and education on physical, nutritional, educational and psychological development in students and adolescents so that the youth of India may make aware and sound decisions as opposed to impulsive and ignorant ones. “Growing up Right” reaches out to the children and adolescents to inform them about the importance of health so that they can become more mature and responsible individuals. The aim is to impart an emotional maturity upon them so that there is a sense of control, sense of right and wrong and indulgence in well thought out actions. This endeavor for instilling a strong health consciousness in adolescents is being undertaken by Swashrit and Dalmia Manav Seva Trust.

  Program Outline:
Physical & Nutritional Health:
  • Growth patterns (physical, emotional and mental pattern)
  • Nutritional Requirements.
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Healthy Eating
  • Junk food vs. healthy diet
  • Childhood obesity
  • Psychological consequences
  • Behaviour modification
  • Exercise (emphasis will be given to calorie in vs. calorie out)
Educational & Psychological Health
  • Academic Enhancement (study skills training; attention and concentration; memory; de-stress)
  • Sensitization of school representatives to identification of special needs in the school children (teachers, parents, students)
  • Personality development
  • Interpersonal relationships (with peers, parents, teachers & school authorities)

  Target Groups:
  • Children in the age group of 10 – 17 years
  • Parents
  • Schools/teachers
  • Media

  Specific Objectives
  • To sensitize youth about the benefits of holistic health and about the overall well-being of an individual.
  • To sensitize youth about the repercussions of neglecting good health practices
  • Alert youth to the inevitabilities of various life style diseases and the power these things have to alter and destroy their lives.
  • Give children the power and the confidence to say NO.
  • Impart self-esteem and the knowledge that children and youth have full responsibility to their bodies and can and should ward off any unwanted liaisons.
  • To empower the youth with enough information so as to make a logical decision with regards to career options.
  • Empower the youth with enough information and problem solving skills with regards to stress, pre-exam anxiety, depression, substance abuse and eating disorders.