Regd. NGO (Reg.No. S/39030) Sitemap

DEUTSCHE BANK: Corporate Social Responsibility in liaison with PVR Nest and PVR Cinemas organized 5000 Popcorns event for Swashrit Society, where Swashrit kids had an unforgettable day at the movies with a special screening of Delhi Safari on 19th December 2012 at PVR Priya, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi. Delhi Safari movie is based on the animals. The animals of the national park in Bombay welcome a bright sunny morning, birds singing, animals running, Sultan the leopard and his young cub Yuvi, playing by the lakeside. Until, a distant thunder breaks the silence and a closer look reveals the jungle being raided by man and machine, destroying everything in its path. Sultan tries to fight a futile battle and ends up losing his life. With hope in their hearts, Yuvi, Bajrangi, and Bagga set out and ultimately find Alex, the talking parrot, in his luxurious golden cage. However, their hope turns to despair as Alex is not interested in helping the barbaric animals with their cause, since this would mean leaving his life of luxury. The motley crew manage to coerce Alex to join them and they begin their journey across the mountains and rivers of India, hitching rides in trains and trucks, to take their petition to the leader of the humans in Delhi.

The children of Swashrit Society also organized a play for the event sponsored by Deutsche Bank and the topic they chose was ĎDeforestationí. Every child actively participated and were encouraged to think of various ways in which they could present the play. The play consisted of a protagonist, two trees, two tree cutters and the rest of the children were given the role of the protagonistís friends. The storyline revolved around the protagonist who used to climb her favourite tree whenever she felt sad and lonely. The tree made her happy and she felt at peace with herself. She could see the entire village: the rivers, the huts, the fields and it was a beautiful view. One day two tree cutters saw this beautiful and long tree and decided to cut it as it would bring in a lot of money. The protagonist sees these two cutters and shouts from the top and scolds them for cutting the tree. The tree cutters ask her to come down but she refuses. The protagonistís friends who are on their way to the school see the protagonist fighting with the tree cutters and decide to interfere. The protagonist tells them that these two tree cutters are planning to take this tree down. So the children decide to protest against it and they make the tree cutters realise what would happen if they keep on cutting trees like this. The play ends with all children singing a song on the ill effects of cutting trees and the usefulness of these trees.