Regd. NGO (Reg.No. S/39030)
The 14th of November popularly celebrated as Children’s Day is a day when all the children deserve to be treated specially and given a much needed break from their books and quite simply do what they want.

The Swashrit Society in Bapa Nagar New Delhi is an organization which has taken on the noble cause of educating underprivileged children from local neighborhoods. Children between the ages of two and twelve were present in the small classroom where the team from Swashrit Volunteer visited. After the initial introduction from the team, the children were asked to introduce themselves. They were told that it was their day to do whatsoever they desired, and it would be ensured that they get take a break from their books and end their day with a smile on their faces. On popular demand the team entered into a game of ‘Antakshiri’ and were astonished not only at the talent that some of these children exhibited but also at their awareness and competitive nature.

A variety of songs many of which were unfamiliar to the team primarily from movies and popular albums were sung beautifully and with inspiring enthusiasm and excitement. The children also sang a series of patriotic songs and finally the national anthem to draw to a close what indeed was a fantastic day.

The team distributed sweets and chocolates among all the children. The gratitude and delight that was expressed by the children was touching and overwhelming to say the least.