Regd. NGO (Reg.No. S/39030) Sitemap
Substance Abuse Prevention Programme


  To help the youth of today make wise and informed choices and not fall prey to temptation and peer pressure

Program Outline

  Prevention of drug abuse in school children aims to fulfil this mission by bringing together a team of specially trained personnel who while working in   close association with the leading schools of New Delhi (NCR), will address the drug problem among youth using a multi pronged approach 
  Target Groups
  • Students from classes 6 to 9
  • Parents of students in classes 6 to 9
  • Teachers of classes 6 to 9
  • Number of schools to be targeted in NCR = 30

  The Need of the Hour

The rising drugs and substance abuse calls for urgent and focused intervention. The youth of the country need to be cautioned against drug abuse.

Research has shown that individuals who have not used drugs or alcohol till the age of 21 are less likely to become dependant on them. Hence the burning need of the hour is to impart such life skills to youth that would help them live a healthy productive drug- free life.


Specific Objectives

  • To initiate a movement towards a drug free India starting with school children
  • Sensitization towards the factors that drive youth to take drugs
  • Maximum impact: the importance of peer influence and the school as the focus point for this program
  • Habit modification: instilling in children coping mechanisms to deal with the changing needs that will help them build a healthy, drug free lifestyle
  • To provide counselling cells
  • A Referral system for addicts identified