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Aids Awareness Campaign In Jj Clusters

The need to be a part of such a campaign comes in the wake of discrimination and rejection due to the stigma of those testing positive for HIV/AIDS. The only way to combat this deadly disease is to create awareness and prevention among the people, especially in the lower socio economic strata of society where the education and awareness is at its lowest. Thus, with a mission to spread awareness about AIDS among the underprivileged strata of society, Swashrit society participated in this endeavor of spreading awareness on HIV and AIDS.


Our main approach to this awareness program was learning through the medium of recreational therapy. Recreational therapy contributes to the broad spectrum of health care through treatment, education, and the provision of adapted recreational opportunities all of which aid in improving and maintaining physical, cognitive, emotional and social functioning, preventing secondary health conditions, enhancing independent living skills and overall quality of life.
Given below are few mediums through which Swashrit had conducted the awareness program, all these activities covers every aspect of recreational therapy:

  • Street play/ Nukkad Natak: Swashrit society conducted train the trainer modules where our expert trainers trained the interested community members on basic HIV/AIDS awareness in order to make them self sufficient in conducting awareness campaigns thus also generating employment.
  • Puppet Shows: Through the puppet shows, we intented to create employment for the JJ cluster inhabitants by enabling them to make the puppets for the show in the evening.
  • Counseling cells: Post the event at a particular cluster, free telephonic counseling helpline was available for a period of one week for related (HIV/AIDS) concern.
  • Nutrition Counseling: Post the event at a particular cluster, free telephonic nutrition counseling helpline was available for a period of one week for related (HIV/AIDS) concern.
  • Material distribution: Written material providing information on HIV/ AIDS in an easy to understand language through books, photographs etc. was distributed free of cost to the beneficiary. Along with written information, promotion of use of condoms through free distribution of condoms was also done.
  •  Art Therapy: Art therapy offered individuals opportunities to handle their anxieties and depressions individually and to decide for themselves what and how to paint. The art therapy project is self-evaluation, which allows individuals infected with HIV to accept themselves and understands how art can be a great therapeutic tool in dealing with people that are alienated. The therapeutic objectives of HIV ART were :
    • Psychological stabilization
    • Positive self esteem and confidence
    • Improved self competence
    • Support in building up new perspectives in life
    • Improved quality of life


  • Benefited group: 200 families were targeted per area and were benefited from this campaign to combat this fatal disease. Team of swashrit was able to cater their best services and light up their lives to a great extend.

Coverage Area:

  Central District since our head office is in Karol Bagh.

  Names of clusters in Central District where Swashrit conducted the program:

    • JJ Cluster, Ranjit Nagar
    • Pusa JJ Camp
    • Sanjay Camp Chankya Puri part -1, Near Dhobi Chat.