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Health and Nutrition

Swashrit Society in liaison with R.R. Oomerbhoy Pvt. Ltd. (RRO) a company committed to health through its healthy food products has come together to bring about a change and spread awareness in the area of lifestyle management through extensive workshops on health and nutrition.

Aim of the project  
The main aim of the program is to promote a good and healthy diet alongside an active lifestyle for a holistic overall development of the child. This new age era of technology and advanced science has, once again, highlighted the need and importance for such a kind of Lifestyle changing Movement. It is with this common vision in mind that Swashrit and RRO has come together to promote and spread awareness on the importance of Health and Nutrition. Its first pilot project has been initiated in Bangalore on 1st June, 2009.
Outline of the project:
Mode of conduction:
  • A power point presentation highlighting the importance of good nutrition, food pyramid, nutrients, balanced diet and active lifestyle.
  • Active Theatre: a role play activity highlighting the importance of different nutrients, its functions and overall a balanced diet .
  • Filling up a questionnaire: questions covering personal food habits and activity pattern in order to assess the nutritional status and lifestyle of the children.
  • Treasure Hunt Activity: an outdoor activity promoting calorie out (an active lifestyle).

  • Each workshop is designed to engage a maximum of 150 students at any given time.
  • The Duration of the session including the role play activity is two hours.
  • Total number of students being covered: 3500.