Regd. NGO (Reg.No. S/39030) Sitemap
Volunteer & Donor Opportunities
Swashrit Society is always ready to welcome new volunteers who would like to help us in our mission by donating their time, energy and skills.
  Volunteer opportunities are available in the areas of :
  • Teaching
  • Project Development and Management
  • Fund-raising and Marketing
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Information Technology and Graphic Design
  • Counselling
  • Other various areas
  *For more information regarding volunteer opportunities please contact us

How can you get involved?


  • Start by sharing your vision with Swashrit so that we may see how we can work together to further both of our missions
  • Talk with us to learn how Swashrit can add value to your organization

    Support us in a new project or ongoing initiative with your:

    • Time – become a volunteer and also involve your employees

    • Energy & Expertise – teaching, technical skills, organizing events/campaigns, etc…

    • Funding – we require both monetary funding as well as supplies/resources (ex: stationary, computers, building space for our education centres, etc..)

      We welcome our supporters to visit any of the Swashrit-supported child development initiatives

    Please send your cheques or demand draft in favour of ‘Swashrit Society”’
      *All donations are exempted under Section 80-G Income Tax Act, 1961.